Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hello there.! Here's an update about my works.
I'd like to be frank with you. I'm having some problems in my school so some of the projects would be delayed. I wish that you would understand.
Actually, I am finishing "Dying Life".
It's an inspired-story from DeathNote. It's not really exactly about killing others, having a weird notebook with great power or trying to find a criminal. When I have heard about knowing other people's life span, I thought of making a story out of that concept.
This story is about Jacob who has the ability to see life span above everyone's head (Just like Misa in DeathNote). He suddenly bumped unto a little girl with just a week to live. He accompanies this girl and realizes something about life.

Wish you will be inspired by this story!

So gotta go.! I still have to work with my math.! I hate numbers.!

TRIVIA: "I hate numbers." can actually be found in this story. Try to find it, eh?!

LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR
iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chapter 1: When I'm With You..

They first met in an hospital named St. Andrews Hospital. It was the end of the summer.

“I don’t wanna go! Why can’t you just let me stay home and die?!”

“You’re not going to die!”

“And you think making me stay in this hospital would help me live?!”

“Just be quiet and be cooperative!”

Jacob was a sixteen year old guy who had a pale face. He was living a normal life when all of a sudden they have learned that he was suffering from a liver disease.

“I’m normal! It’s just a stupid check-up report misleading you about me having this.. what ever you call that disease,”

Jacob was still pushing himself away from the nurses who were trying to put him in his room.

“Jacob! Listen to me! I’ve lost your father before and I do not want you to go away, too. If there’s anyone who can best help you, it’s yourself!”

Jacob’s mom, Edith, had been a single mom for four years. Jacob was still twelve when his father died because of a car accident. After that incident, Edith had been so protective of Jacob.

“Mom! You listen to me! I’m not a child anymore! I’ve grown up now and this has nothing to do with that stupid drunkard!” Jacob had been hateful about his father. He had never felt any love from that very person that his mom loved so much. When his father died, not a single tear fell from the boy’s eyes.

“Don’t you dare talk about your father like that!”

“Fine! Whatever! If you want me to rot in this room, then let it be! It has been always you who needed to be obeyed!”

His mom looked at him for a moment and went away. He was alone in his new house now. He stared at the four corners of the room. As he was examining the window, he heard something.

“Who’s there?!” He asked.

A glass was broken and a girl of the same age as his came inside.

“Sorry! I was.. And.. The glass..” She tried to defend herself with a small voice which Jacob couldn’t hear.

“Who are you? What are you doing? Peeping me?” He smirked.

The girl, which was picking the broken pieces, looked at him and angrily said,

“Peeping you? Who would want to peep on you?!”

“Well, you, I guess?” He knelt down to help but the girl shoved him away.

“Well, I’m sorry for being a Peeping Tom of yours. I don’t need your help.”

She cleaned the mess and walked to the door.

“And by the way,” She said before leaving. “I really think you’re such a stubborn son for making your mother cry!” She didn’t even look at him while saying those words.

“This is the reason I hate hospitals. Weird people suddenly come out all of a sudden,” He whispered to himself.

-Please read the next chapter!-

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Friday, December 5, 2008

It Was Not A Joke! [written in April Fools Day]

Found myself in a place unfamiliar
Tried to seek another living being
A house I really found bizarre
I opened the door and yet there's nothing

Creaking floors and blowing wind
I rubbed myself to keep me warm
Webs of spiders and old antiques
I looked around and see no harm

Not until I saw a lady
Dressed in black, holding a candle
I winked and found her dead, cold body
A scene someone can never handle

I ran and saw a startling sight
A child covered with blood staring at me
I fell from my knees because of fright
I wanted to go out from that place so badly

I stood and started running again
I went up to the next floor
All these terrors I wanted to end
I managed to open a door

There he was, a beheaded man
His head he's holding with his hands
I didn't know when it began
Or why I was on such a land

I looked at the window and saw a priest
I thought he can make the spirits rest
But wait! I was on second floor of east
He was one of the flying guests

All I did was pray and pray
But what was that voice I was hearing?
Beside me was an old woman in gray
She was with me as I was praying

I lost myself and closed my eyes
I wished this was just a nightmare
I opened my eyes in such surprise
All this time I wasn't aware

My friends were laughing as they helped me out
It was all just all a set-up to scare me
I was really scared and that's no doubt
I despised their laughs and teasing

I asked them about the priest that floated
There was silence for awhile
They never had a priest included
Then who's the flying guy?

We were all screaming and running away
This time it was not a joke
I turned around and looked that way
The priest was gone in smoke..

. mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

There was a Boy who Loved a Girl..

There was a boy who loved a girl
He liked her much; She was his world
But we all know that life's not fair
A tragedy would happen they're not aware

He was so lame that he can't tell
All the love he'd kept so well
But after many years of knowing each other
He know he had to keep it never

He told her he loved her with all his honesty
He told her that meeting her was destiny
But she looked at him and tears fell down
She left him baffled, cried throughout

He was not himself anymore after that day
A year and a half had passed away
He thought there was another guy
He kept on asking how and why

He returned to the place where they first met
Remembered the face he'll never forget
He never saw his love after his confession
He thought if it was a wrong decision

He got a news he never expected
A revelation that made him disappointed
After receiving it, he ran to the place and hurried
He stood before the grave where she was buried

She was suffering from a disease so deadly
She waited for his confession so badly
When he fell in love, she was too
They loved each other and never knew

There was a boy who loved a girl
He liked her much; She was his world
But we all know that life's not fair
A tragedy had happened that brought despair..

. mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

The Memory Before Graduation

It happened before I graduated from my high school. The class wanted to have a very special memory before leaving our school. We decided to make a scrap book and have all the things that we think are very memorable, including letters from each of the student. We also decided to take pictures from our ordinary life inside the campus.

There was that time when I developed the pictures and had seen photos taken so perfectly. They were like taken by a professional photographer. But more than the perfect position and angle; it was taken like the photographer liked it.

“It’s just amazing! All of these pictures are really perfect!”

I told my classmates about the photos and they all agreed that they are nice. The question was: who took these pictures? We examined the photos and discovered that only one who was missing from our class was him.


He was a very quiet guy. He was always absent and rarely spoke to anyone.

“You’re.. You’re from the photography club, right? You’re skills are overwhelming!”

I approached him and tried to convince him to take more pictures.

“No,” was all he said after I asked him and walked away.

“I’m going to wait in the classroom!”

I wouldn’t give up! I promised myself to have a great memory. And with the help of this guy, I could achieve that!

School was over. Most of the students had left. I was the only one in our room. I waited and waited.

I was about to go home when the door suddenly opened. It was him.

“You.. You came!”

I could almost hug him that time!

“You got the wrong idea. I just went back to get some things and..”

“These are the plans of the class and I already borrowed a camera. If you need film, I can ask the class to contribute for the payment,” I interrupted him. Whatever he wanted to say, it didn’t matter to me. I was so happy that at last I can have a great photographer to make our planned scrapbook to be very special!

“Pfft.. You sure are a very pushy one!” He was laughing that time. It was unusual for me. That moment when he smiled, I thought I skipped a beat.

“Hey! Everything alright?” He was waving his hand over my face.

“Ye.. Yeah! So.. are.. are you going to be our photographer?” I was so ashamed that I turned around while asking him.


“You are very skilled! I really admire your photos! It’s like you are actually looking at the real ones!” We were looking at the pictures and I was admiring his works.

“You must have liked photography?” I asked him.

“It’s because I want to have the world remember how beautiful they are. The simple moments. The simple places. For me, they are special.”

“But.. You don’t have your face in any of the pictures.”

It was odd. It could have been nice if he was there. He was still a part of the class. I grabbed the camera and attempted to take a picture of him but..

“Stop! I hate having pictures of myself!”

I didn’t understand why. He wasn’t ugly at all. Actually, he was a very good-looking guy. Seconds later, he looked at me.

I suddenly said, “Then take a picture of me instead.”

I covered my mouth. What was I thinking at that time?

“Why would I?” He said that and laughed.

I was clearly insulted but looking at him while he was laughing made me happy.

The graduation was about to happen. We gathered all the materials for the scrap book. We had all the things, from leaves to pieces of papers, glued in every page. The only thing left was the pictures!

“We could at least have a very last picture for the last page. Any suggestions?”

“We could take the picture of the path we usually take when we are going to school,” suggested by Bryan. Yes! It was a nice idea.

“Can I go with you while taking the photos?” It was going to end. I wanted to be with him longer.

I was looking at him as he took photos. He was smiling while taking them.

“Do you like it when I am with you?” I asked. He stopped taking pictures and looked at me.

“Because.. Because, being with you make me happy. I wonder if you feel the same, too.” He was still looking at me.

“I don’t like it when we are together,” was his reply.

I could actually hear my heart cracked. But I still managed to say..

“Ahaha.. I might be pestering you, right? I.. I am sorry!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran away, leaving him.

I was in the classroom. I tried to forget what happened a while ago. It seemed like a confession and I was obviously rejected. Tears fell from my eyes again. The door opened. I wiped out my tears and saw him. I turned my face to hide my swollen eyes.

“Here’s the film. You can develop it now,” said him. He was about to walk away. I didn’t know why I have to do that but the words just blurted out.

“I like you!”

I screamed it out. I wanted him to know how much I like him.

“I like you!”

He just turned to me and said,

“If you did fall for me, you might want to forget those feelings.”

After he left, I fell down from my knees. I was devastated. I felt like I was such an idiot.

After that day, he didn’t go to school. He returned to be that the same Bryan who skipped school. But I think it was better. Seeing him would only hurt me.

“Hey! Do you know where the film from the last shoot is?”

Right! Bryan gave that to me last time. The time when he said those words. I wished I would forget that.

“Here you go!”

It was still painful. The fact that he wasn’t there made it even more painful. He rejected me but I still want to be with him. I’m the stupidest of all the stupid.

“Wait! What are these?”

“Huh?” My thoughts were interrupted by my friend who was scanning the developed pictures.

“These are your pictures.” She said as she handed me the photos. Indeed, they are all me. While I was reading, sleeping, looking around, he took pictures of me.

“…It’s because I want to have the world remember how beautiful they are. The simple moments. The simple places. For me, they are special…” He said that before. He told me that he took pictures because they are special to him. So it means..

“I am special to him.” I whispered to myself.

I started to run. I wanted to see him. I wanted him to know that he was special to me too.

As I was approaching his house, I saw a crowd. I tried to push myself all the way through and was startled.



Bryan was dead.

Only two days before the graduation when I’ve learned about his death. The scrap book was almost finished. We had all the pictures. The pictures which were taken by him.

“We found this in the scrap book. We thought that you have to read this. We know you’ve been close and you deserve to know his last words.”

It’s from Bryan?! A letter?! I opened it immediately and read every word.

“..I will miss this school. I don’t have so many memories here. For others, it’s just one of those lousy schools but for me, it is very special. I wanted to create more memories in here. I thought it would be impossible but then she came. She told me to take pictures of the school, of our classmates, of our everyday life. She gave me a chance to enjoy my last days in this campus. Both of us aim to create a special memory for everyone to remember their high school life. But she became that special memory to me. She is a very pushy person. She clicks the camera randomly and almost fell it. She sleeps anywhere anytime. But even though she is like that, she is special. Her smiles. Her laughs. Her happy face. I wanted the world to see them. I’ve fallen for her but I’m afraid I can’t tell her this feeling. Just being with her, it was happiness. I can’t be with her any longer. Sooner or later, my heart would stop beating. I just hope she would not remember me. It might just cause her pain. But I promise her that I would never forget her.”

Tears wouldn’t stop flowing! He loved me. He loved me just as I loved him. But I can’t fulfill his wish. I can never forget about him. He became a special memory too.

When we were together, when we were taking photos and that day when I confessed to him..

Those were my memories before my graduation. Memories that would last forever!

. mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Love Letter...

Sheila was a very energetic girl. She would pop out of nowhere and start talking randomly. She was kind of irritating but whenever she started talking, people who were worrying about their grades and family, would feel better when she was around.

“She sure has lots of energy,” said Vincent. Vincent was Sheila’s friend. But..

“..and is very annoying!” He usually said awful things at her back. He was the guy who always wanted to excel in everything. He wanted everyone to notice him. Sheila just became his friend because of that time she asked about a question in Math. Vincent, who was not that sociable, still helped her out. Then after that day, Sheila was always with him.

“How could you say those things? You are friends right?” said Mark. Mark was Vincent’s friend who became his friend because of “no one really knows the reason.”

“She’s the only one who thinks we are friends,” replied Vincent. He looked at his watch.

“I have to go. Class is starting already.”


“Hello Vincent! Could I bother you for a minute?” asked Sheila after the class ended.

“Yes you could,” Vincent replied with annoyed tone. He had already guessed it. Sheila would always nag him for tutorials in Math and Science.

“So what is it now?” He would ask as if he didn’t want to teach her which was obviously true.

“I don’t understand the teacher’s discussion awhile ago. Can you teach me how to solve this problem?” Sheila would make a pitiful face with teary eyes. Vincent couldn’t reject her. If he did, she would cry so loud that everyone would think he did something awful to her.


“I lost my paper again,” Vincent was mumbling when Mark showed up suddenly.

“There’s a new student! And everyone says that she is a real beauty,” said Mark.

Indeed there was a new student. Her name was Bianca. She was somewhat clumsy but she was loved by everyone because she was charming and cute.

“I’m telling you man! I’m going to make her like me!” Mark was boasting. But he had the right. Most of the girls had a crush on him. It’s undeniable since he was friendly, responsible and nice.

Vincent was just silent.


“You fell for her, didn’t you?” Sheila asked Vincent as he was tutoring her in Math.

“What the heck are you talking about?” Vincent said trying to make himself innocent about what Sheila’s talking about.

“You like the new student, right?!” Sheila was teasing Vincent.

“If you won’t shut up, I would stop teaching you!” Vincent warned her. He was actually denying it. He had a crush on Bianca. Almost all the guys liked her. Sheila paused and said..

“You should not surrender! I won’t too!”

“You won’t?” Vincent asked. Then something was on his mind. Of course! Sheila could have a crush on Mark. She was trying to make him steal Bianca so Sheila would be with Mark.

“So she actually admits that Bianca is far better than her and she wants me to do something so that Mark would like her instead,” Vincent thought and made a sly smile.

“Hmm.. A love letter! You could make a love letter for Bianca!” Sheila suggested. Vincent didn’t like the thought of “doing-a-favor” for Sheila but she was right. Vincent liked Bianca and he, at least, had to tell her. But with a love letter?


“I can’t believe it! Why am I doing this?!” Vincent thought as he pondered for something to write.

“Sheila is the one at fault with this! I should not do this! It’s like I’m betraying a friend!” Vincent was feeling guilty. It was normal. He and a close friend liked the same girl. His friend told him about what he felt for her. Vincent, on the other hand, remained silent but the truth, he felt the same.

“But if ever I could make Bianca like me, Sheila would be happy. She would get close with Mark. Such a sneaky fox! Hmmm.. I lost my assignment in Physics? Oh well, I just have to make another one.”

In the end, he hadn’t done the letter.


“So how is it going?” Sheila asked.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Vincent bounced off the question with another question.

“The letter!” Sheila said it a little louder.

“Could you please be a little quiet! I haven’t done it and I don’t think I could do it!” Vincent said.

Sheila went quiet and turned her back.

“Was she angry?” Vincent thought.

“Oi! What’s up Vince?” Mark interrupted Vincent’s thoughts. “I got to talk with Bianca again and she smiled,” boasted Mark.

“And here I have another problem. MY friend has fallen for the same girl I like.” Vincent was whispering to himself.

“Eh? What did you say?” Mark asked.

“Nothing! Nothing!”



Bianca was walking through the corridor when she accidentally bumped unto Vincent.

“Uhmm.. It’s fine! Are you alright?” Vincent nervously asked. He was so obvious.

“I’m okay. Thanks. You’re Vincent, right? This is our first time talking,” Bianca put a smile that made Vincent blush. She reached for his hand to shake hands.


“So how did it go?” Sheila was still making Vincent tutor her despite the fact that she ignored her the whole session in class.

“Wow! This girl is something! After she ignored me, she still has the guts to make me tutor her,” Vincent thought as he was scribbling the formulas.

He glanced at her and he could see that there was something wrong with her. This wasn’t the Sheila he had known.

“A love letter,” Sheila whispered.

“Huh?” Vincent asked as he stopped writing.

“Nothing,” Sheila stood and took Vincent’s papers. “I’ll need these for the exams next week. Can I have them?”

“Yes you can,” Vincent gave her the papers and she went home. "What was that just now? It seems like something is bothering her," Vincent asked himself.


“Maybe it’s because she badly wants me to write a love letter immediately. She sure is impatient,” Vincent was answering his assignment in English. The encounter with Bianca flashed in his mind and he felt guilty, again. He felt as if he was betraying his friend somehow just because he talked to her. And then there was also Sheila who was acting weird.

He had to do something, he thought.

“Or maybe..” Vincent was getting a better idea. He was going to confess for Sheila!


“Mar-” Vincent was about to call his friend Mark when he was interrupted by a classmate. He was told that Bianca wanted to talk to him. Of course, he was shocked.

“I.. I’m..” Bianca was hesitating to say something, Vincent noticed.

“What could be that she wants to tell me?” Then something was on his mind..

“Maybe, she wants me to help her out with Mark. They are somewhat close anyway. It’s not imposs-”

“I’m in love with you!” Bianca shouted. Vincent was speechless..

“Or maybe not.” Vincent whispered.


“Did you know..?”


“I never knew it would turn out like this..”

“Are they a match..?”

People were all talking about Bianca’s confession. She was sure popular. If she wasn’t, people wouldn’t talk so much about what happened.

“I’ve heard that she confessed to you. What’d you say?” Mark was talking to Vincent coldly with a pale face.

“I.. I haven’t,” Vincent didn’t know what to say. He was surprised himself.

The door suddenly opened.

“Bad news! Sheila..” A student rushed in and said that he heard the teachers talking about Sheila’s transfer.

“She is transferring?”

Vincent met his another surprise.


It was their daily routine. Sheila would pull Vincent’s shirt and ask random questions. He would unwillingly answer them and teach her things.

It was completely different that day. Vincent was alone in the classroom.

He imagined her nagging about the confession. He imagined her babbling about what would happen between him and Bianca. He imagined those yet he couldn't not imagine that this would happen.

“Shouldn’t I be happy? The girl I like likes me back and that annoying Sheila would be gone,” Vincent was talking to himself. He made a smile and then it slowly faded.

“Who am I fooling?” He punched his desk and left.


The class was in rampage. The class clown was going to leave tomorrow. Sheila was sure annoying but this attitude had made the students feel better everyday.

Vincent tapped a book on Sheila’s head.

“So you’re leaving, huh?” Vincent asked.

“So you’re dating, huh? I’ve heard that she confessed to you. What a luck!” She said that jokingly. Although she was leaving her friends, she still smiled as if she was just going to leave for a few days.

“I’m not dating her yet. Anyway, who’s going to be your tutor there?” Vincent was trying to change the topic.

He had thought that Sheila was hurrying him to write a letter so that she could be with Mark before she leaves school. He felt guilty for not doing it sooner but he would also feel guilty for betraying his friend.

“I’ll find another one and I’ll make sure that my new tutor would be a little nicer than you,” Sheila laughed. Then she paused.

“You won’t need my help now, do you? She has liked you ever since. It must be nice to have the one you like to like you back,” Sheila was about to cry then she turned her face.

Vincent thought he heard his heart broke.

He could have done something for Sheila and Mark to be together. It would be, at least, the best gift he could give before she left.


“..It must be nice to have the one you like to like you back..” Sheila’s words had been bothering Vincent all night.

“If I like Bianca, I should have answered her now. Maybe it’s because of Mark but..” Vincent thought about Sheila.

“Who is it that I really like?”


“Idiot!” Mark slightly punched Vincent of his shoulder.

“Can’t you see that Bianca is hurt? How long do you plan to keep her waiting? If you won’t answer her, I’ll snatch her away,” Mark asked his friend in a serious tone.

“But.. You..” Vincent couldn’t look at his friend. He felt like his friend would hate him for the rest of the school year.

Mark smiled and put his arm around Vincent. “Don’t worry about me. Just to see the one I like happy is enough for me,” is what he said.

“That’s right. I can’t let Bianca wait for long. God has given me the chance to have the girl I like,” Vincent was whispering to himself.

“And Sheila is leaving today, right?” Mark asked. Despite the fact that they rarely speak, Mark was kind of a “friend” to Sheila since Vincent was also her friend.

“Yes, Sheila! Dude! I have something to tell you. Sheila, you see,” Vincent was about to tell Mark that Sheila liked him when Bianca came in.

“You better tell her,” Mark left.

Vincent answered Bianca and she let out tears of happiness.

That day made Vincent feel mixed emotions. Sheila, who didn’t come to school that day, was leaving and Bianca, whom he liked, became her girlfriend.


Months passed.


“Exams are sure hard! Hey what did you answer in question number 4?” Mark was asking Vincent who was already packing his things.

“I’m not quite sure,” Although Vincent was intelligent, there would always be times that he would have second thoughts about his answer.

“Never mind that! The teacher has told us to clean our lockers. It’s vacation time. Yipee!” Mark left his chair and went to his locker.

Vincent did the same thing. He last opened his locker the time when Sheila was still there. He didn’t need to open his locker since he didn’t need the books. But since he had to teach Sheila, he had to take them out. He smiled and remembered. He knew the combination to Sheila’s locker. He could clearly see her doing the combination. He opened her locker and papers fell out.

Vincent took a look at them and noticed that they were familiar. They were his lost papers before! All this time Sheila was stealing his papers. But why?

Mark saw the mess and took a paper.

“Why are these in here? Have you been making her locker a garbage can?” asked Mark.

“Huh? I didn’t put them here! I’m asking also why they are here!” Vincent defended himself.

Mark helped Vincent pick the papers. He stopped when a piece of paper caught his attention. It wrote..

“He is a very careless guy. He places his papers anywhere and he doesn’t have any clue I steal them. I know they are just formulas and non-sense words. But reading them makes me feel like I’m reading a love letter written by him. If only I could steal that love letter which he would give to Bianca.”

Mark took another paper similar to the other one.

“He didn’t write a letter. Am I supposed to be happy or not? Does it means he doesn’t like her enough? How I wish he could write a letter and give it to me instead…”

“What is it?” Vincent became curious. He snatched the papers away and read it. There was a shock in his eyes.

“..but..” the message in the paper continued, “Bianca likes him. She told me a while ago. She asked me to help her. I can’t just tear them apart. I’ll just have to make them be together. After all, I’m going to leave soon. Just to see the one I like happy for the last time makes me happy, too. I’m going to help Bianca realize about her feelings towards Vincent and make her confess. They both feel the same for each other. If only she knew that Vincent likes her too, she would confess to him. I’m going to make her do what I wanted to do before. And then, they would be happy.”

Bianca came in the scene and asked what was the mess about.

“Did.. Did Sheila tell you to say how you feel about me? Did she tell you that I like you before you confessed to me?” Vincent asked Bianca questions she didn’t expect.

“Y-Yes.. But how did you kn-” Before Bianca could finish her line, Vincent ran out of the room. He was heading to the principal office.

“Sir!” The principal was startled with Vincent’s unexpected visit to his office.

“What is it, young fellow? Why are you in a rush?” the principal asked.

“Sh-Sheila Cortez.. Where.. Where did she transfer?” Vincent was still panting as he asked the question. The principal was actually Sheila's grandfather.

There was a moment of silence then the principal broke it.

“That poor girl. She wasn’t really transferring. She has to give up school for a medication. She has this cancer in blood,” Vincent, with eyes wide open, couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“She..” the principal continued, ” was one of the students I find amusing. She wanted to go to school so badly. Her mother didn’t know why she has to go. Her mother said that she was obviously a smart girl. She read a lot and could speak very well before she transferred in this school. But she couldn’t stop her daughter. Every time she arrived from school, she would smile and happily tell her parents about her day. She was such a nice girl and yet..”

Everything became clear to Vincent.

“What..” Vincent said it with a broken voice.

“What is the hospital’s name?”


He ran as fast as he could.

“She’s there..” He thought as he was approaching. He opened the door and saw a weak Sheila with a pale face. Although she had oxygen on, she was obviously having a hard time breathing.

“Who are you?” A lady with a long black hair and a face somewhat similar to Sheila asked Vincent.

“I’m a.. friend from school,” Vincent replied.

“How did you know she was here? I never remember Sheila telling this to anyone especially that she herself asked to keep it a secret,” Sheila’s mother was confused.

She hid everything to keep everyone from worrying. She, despite her disease, tried her best to make everyone smile. Vincent remembered the countless times he said cruel things about her annoying existence and yet..

“Is there any way for her to recover?” Vincent asked, hoping that the answer would be a yes. He would do anything to save Sheila’s life.

The lady shook her head and started to cry. Vincent looked at Sheila. Then..

“Do you have paper and pen?”


He wanted to do something for her. That something should be a special thing for her, he thought.

Sheila opened her eyes and was startled to see Vincent sitting beside her. With her pale lips and soft voice, she asked..

“Why.. are you.. here?”

Vincent ignored her question and handed her something. It was a letter.

Sheila looked at it and covered her mouth. It was not just a letter; it was a love letter!

Vincent opened it and started reading it.

“Dear annoying person,

You’re a very energetic girl yet look at your condition now. You always smile and yet you’ve been suffering from such pain. You even pretended that you’re dumb even though you’re smarter than me. But all of these, if you didn’t do these, I wouldn’t realize how I feel. I might have shown you that I’m annoyed when you’re there but I’m actually lonely when you’re not around which makes your presence better than your absence. You might have thought that I like someone else just because I said so, but the real person I like was actually the girl who’s been with me all this time. I’m not smart enough, you see, to realize this kind of feeling so easily. But I’ll just have to write it here. How I love you and how I want to be with you. From your secret admirer.”

“But it’s.. not a secret anymore,” Sheila giggled.

“Yeah-Yeah!” Vincent turned his face because of shame.

“Thanks.. for doing this. I’m.. very happy!” She smiled. But that was the best smile he had ever seen from her.

After a few days, Sheila passed away.

Vincent held a paper filled with love. The love letter for someone he unconsciously fell for.




Message to everyone:

You will never know how important a person is unless he/she is gone.

You will never know how much you will regret not telling the person you like how you feel unless you won’t have time anymore.

You will never know..

. mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

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