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..And They Painted Together..

Story Guide:

This is a story of Jerry who fell in love with Allie, the campus crush. Although she was a beauty, she kept rejecting boys who confessed to her. One time, the school assigned Jerry and Allie, who were good in painting, to paint a mural about love. Having different ideas, they kept arguing. Jerry then discovered the reason of Allie’s cold shoulder towards guys. Could he ever fix a heart unwilling to be fixed?


Chapter One:

Jerry was just “the ordinary high school guy” who fell for “the ideal high school girl”, Allie. She was very beautiful and nice. Everyone liked her. There is just one thing that reserved her from having a boyfriend; she kept rejecting boys.

“Could she be a lesbian? But no. She is just too feminine when she talks, walks, eats.. What could be the reason?” Jerry was asking himself about Allie.
“If I were to confess to her,” he whispered, “Nah. She rejected Robert who is the ideal boyfriend for every girl. How could she ever say ‘yes’ to a simple guy like me?”.

He just took out his drawing book and started sketching. He was one of the two best artists in school. The other one was Allie. At least they have something in common.

He sketched Allie’s face. After sketching a very nice draft, he threw it. Then he drew another one. It was better but he still threw it away. A classmate saw the mess and picked a piece of paper.

“Woah! What do we have here?” That was Ray. He was one of the die-hard fans of Allie.

“Don’t tell me that you are one of us?” he asked.
“You can say it. Give me that. I’m going to throw it away properly to the trash can. Sorry for the mess,” Jerry excused himself but before he could pick up the papers, Ray grabbed them.
“You got to be kidding me! You’ll throw all of these good stuffs?! You might want to give these to me instead.”

Jerry looked at him and gave the rest of the papers.

“Fine. There are just trashes. If you want it badly, then they are yours,” Jerry went away after saying that.

“You can say that because you’re too good in drawing,” Ray thought. “Allie is so beautiful here. I wonder when she will answer my confession. Oh my Allie! I know that you like me, too!”


It was the first day of February. As Jerry was going home taking the path to the park, he could see lovers hugging and kissing each other.

“I just hate February!” he thought and walked fast.

A girl caught his eyes. It was Allie. He jumped backward and found a place to hide. He looked closely. It was Allie but who’s the guy? He was close enough to hear the conversation.

“I don’t know why you keep rejecting me. I just want you to give me a chance,” the guy said.
“Is he confessing?” Jerry thought.
“I’m just not prepared to be in a relationship now,” was Allie’s reply.
“Is that really the reason?” the guy asked.
She looked blankly and replied, “Yes so please understand.”
The guy scratched his head and went away.
“Her eyes that time. It says there’s something more,” Jerry whispered, “What could be the real reason?”


When Jerry arrived in school late that second day of February, he was cornered by three guys.

“Wh-what do you want from me?” Jerry fearfully asked.

He didn’t want any fight. He was a scaredy-cat ever since.

“You! You better take care of her. If ever we’ll find out that you treated her badly, you’re dead,” the biggest of them said.

After that, they left. Jerry could still hear his heartbeat. As he was walking the corridor, he could feel the cold stare of his fellow guys. He even caught a glimpse of Ray looking at him coldly.

“What in the world is happening?” he thought.

When Jerry walked pass the bulletin board, he found the answer to his question. Written on the board was: Allie Sandoval and Jerry Gomez are assigned by the school to paint a mural for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. They are, from now on until they finish the mural, excused from their classes. The following students shall go to the principal’s office after reading this announcement.

Jerry jerked after reading the post. He could feel the intense stares of the guys around him. He just ran off to the principal’s office. He opened the door and found the principal and Allie already there.

“Have a seat Mr. Gomez. I think you already know Ms. Sandoval, right?” the principal welcomed Jerry.

The guy just nodded his head. He still couldn’t believe what was happening.

“The school needs some artists to paint a mural for our school. It is for Valentine’s. I hope you will cooperate for this project,” the principal instructed.

Allie bowed down her head while Jerry shook his head. The principal asked him what the problem was.

“I.. I think I’m not good enough to paint a mural, ma’am. I can draw but not that good,” he said.
“What are you talking about Mr. Gomez? You are an excellent artist!” the principal complimented.

The truth was, Jerry was afraid to get into fights just because of this mural-painting. “I can do this if only it wasn’t her who I need to work with,” Jerry thought.

Is this an omen or a chance? Jerry will get close to her finally but wait, what’s this? Jerry found out the other side of Allie. He never imagined she was like this!

Spoiler: the next chapter will reveal the reason why Jerry fell for Allie

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