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... And They Painted Together .. Chapter Three!

Chapter Three:

Allie didn't show up the next day.

"Is she sick? And what's with her? I thought it was 'back-to-normal' Allie. Who was that guy anyway?" Jerry was asking himself as he laid himself on the grass. He was looking at the white wall.
"I better see if she's okay," he stood, "and ask her personally about that guy."


Jerry knocked twice before a lady who was familiar to him, opened the door.

"G-good morning. I'm Jerry Gomez, Allie's schoolmate. I just came to see if she's alright," Jerry said.
"She has a fever and can't go to school. It must be because of the rain yesterday," she replied.

There was a moment of silence.

"Is there anything you want me to say to her?" the lady broke the silence.
"N-nothing in particular. It's just that.." Jerry stuttered.

Could he really ask such question? He shook his head and looked at the lady.

"Ma'am," he continued, "do you have any idea why Allie has changed ever since the third year of high school ended? It seems as though she is having some problems."

The lady was quiet. She opened the door wide enough for Jerry to enter.

"You might want to come in first," she welcomed Jerry.

Jerry sat on the couch as he waited. The lady brought some cookies and juice. She sat and smiled at Jerry.

"I don't know who you are but I think you are really a good friend of Allie. What you said is true. When the third year came to an end, she started to change," she sighed. "It's because of that guy."
"Guy? That must the guy Allie slapped yesterday," Jerry thought.

"She has fallen in love with him. He was a member of your school's Arts Club. I know that Allie liked him because ever since my daughter joined that club, she was always talking about that guy. She said that she started drawing because of him," the lady reminisced.
"So.. That guy.. He was.. Allie's first love, wasn't he?" Jerry felt his heart broke while saying those words. All this time, he was unaware that Allie had fallen for another guy.
"Yes, he was. But everything changed when that guy transferred to another school. Allie told me that she will wait for him. She will never find another guy because he was the only one for her. It was fine with me but she began to act strangely. She's always staring at blank space," the lady replied.

Jerry looked down. He closed his eyes and clenched his fist, trying to stop his emotions. He recalled the events yesterday. The time when Allie's first love was with someone else. He then understood why Allie slapped him.

"I'd better go. I'm happy Allie is alright. I hope she'll get better soon and thanks for your time," Jerry said his goodbye and went away.


The next day..

"What? Jerry is not here?" Allie was in Jerry's classroom asking Ray about her co-artist.
"Actually, he was here and now he is not," Ray said trying to impress Allie with his moves, which were left unnoticed by the girl.
"If he comes back, please tell him to go immediately to our working place. We need to hurry painting," Allie requested.
"Everything for you, my lady," Ray was about to take Allie's hand when she went away.
"We will meet again, Princess Allie," he continued.


"Hello," Jerry greeted the guy Allie slapped.
"Do I know you?" the guy asked.
"Oh no. But I DO know you," after saying those words, Jerry punched him.

The guy fell on the ground and some of the students gathered to see what was happening. Jerry was normally not the kind of guy who'd punch someone on the face. It was all because of Allie. Jerry could no longer keep his anger towards the guy who hurt his beloved.

"Does it hurt? Well, sorry but that is not enough to repay the pain you caused her. Making her wait when you already have someone else. That's cruel," Jerry took the guy's shirt and punched him again. Jerry could feel the pain in his knuckles. The guy's nose was already bleeding that time.
"W-what? What d'ya mean? I didn' know 'nything. I dun' understand you," the guy was trying to let himself go from Jerry.

Jerry threw him on the ground and kicked him. He looked at him with anger and went ahead. Before Jerry could exit the gate, a hand grabbed his neck and took him to the ground. The real fight started. It was Jerry versus Allie's first love, the guy who hurt Allie, the guy who stole Allie from Jerry. Just the thought of it made Jerry mad.


"J-jerry? Jerry went to his school?!" Allie was surprised when she heard about what happened to Jerry that day.
"Calm down. Jerry is alright. He was-" the principal was explaining to Allie.
"Where is he?!" Allie wanted to scream that time. Tears were already filling her eyes.


The moment Allie saw Jerry on his wheelchair, she went to him and slapped him hard. The nurse stopped her and pulled her away from Jerry.

"Tell me, huh! Why do you have to go there? WHY?!" Allie screamed as she was trying to hurt Jerry again. "Can't you just mind your own business? Why do you have to bother going there?! Are you crazy?" she struggled from the nurse's arms.
"Why? Just because.." Jerry said, smirking.
"Y-you.." Allie whispered, "you idiot! I can't believe you could do this to me! Who are you anyway? Why do you bother me? Can't you just stop it?!" Allie went away after saying those things.
Jerry broke his smile and cried.
"Why? I'm also asking the same thing. Why do I do these things when you don't even recognize them?" Jerry whispered as tears fell from his eyes.

Will Allie realize how much Jerry loves her? Can Allie ever forget about the guy and start moving on?

Jerry would do something special for Allie!
"You made me realize what love can show, a world I've never known. If I could paint that world, it would take me a lifetime to paint it.."

. mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

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This is so discouraging! I already finished the story "..And They Painted Together." and saved it in our computer. Do you know what happened? My sister reformatted our computer. And do you know what that means? Everything is gone! Like a bubble which bursted through thin air! I have to redo the remaining chapters of the story! I worked for that and yet..!

Well, that's what a writer gets when she doesn't know how to post it immediately in her blog. I wish I could go back to the past.

The next chapter would be delayed. Sorry about that!

I am still working with my grades. Hope me luck! And please pray that I will still be graduating! XP

. mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

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Dying Life

6:15 in the morning. I got up from bed and prepared myself for school. I am living with my uncle who was rarely even in the house. He's always busy with business.

My name is Jacob. I am now fourteen. My parents died because of a fatal car accident when I was five. They saved my life. When the car was about to crash, they hugged me tightly. When I lost my parents, I gained this ability. Above every person's head, I can see numbers. It's their life span. Together with this, I could also see and speak to the Reaper.

Reaper: Hiya! Another day for school?

That's the Reaper. Reapers are not always like the man in black robe holding a big knife. The Reaper I'm with is like your average neighbor. He wears casual dress and does not carry any sharp material for killing. You might not know, you could have passed by this guy.

Reaper: Hello?! Reality check! Am I talking to anyone?

Jacob: Yes, you are talking to someone. It's just that I am not in the mood to talk right now.
Reaper: Oh! Aren't you..?

Here it is again. When the clock starts ticking so loud,

Reaper: It's time. See you somewhere soon.

Another death. Another life taken away. With this ability, the only thing I could ever think of is death.

It's already 6:46. I always walk to school. As I am walking the same road everyday, I also see the same faces. The only difference each day is the thing above everyone's head. It's slowly decreasing.

When I arrived at school that morning, people were in a rampage. There was an ambulance. Our teacher in Physics. He must be the one.

Classmate: Hey Jacob! Have you heard? Mr. Gorge, our Physics teacher, had a heart attack about 30 minutes ago!
Jacob: That's.. unexpected.

Unexpected. Yes, it was. But not for me.
People were talking about the incident. It was shocking. But I knew it. I knew that Mr. Gorge would die at exactly 6:15 in the morning.
Classes were postponed because of what happened. I didn't want to go home yet.
I walked around the park and..


Jacob: Sorry. I was..

Seven days, two hours, four minutes. I was staring at a little girl.

Girl: I'm sorry sir. I'm at fault, too. I was hurrying for the train station. Argh! Gotta go! Goodbye and sorry!

She went away. A week. After that, the girl will die.

As I was walking, I saw the Reaper sitting on a bench. In his casualties as usual.

Reaper: Woah! You're early today! Something happened?
Jacob: You already know the answer to that question.

Reaper: Looks like you have free time today. Want to have some fun?

Jacob: Fun?! How could I possibly have fun when all the time I'm aware that someone is dying!

Reaper: Wait! Relax! Everyone knows that sooner or later someone will die. It's just that you know exactly when they will die. I know it's hard.

Jacob: Hard? It's harder than you think!

Reaper: And you think mine is not? I have to kill people I don't know. Just a touch from me, they're dead.

I fell silent. It's no use. I would always have this ability.

Reaper: That girl. She's my next victim in this town. Do you want to know who she is?
Jacob: Huh? Why would I want to know?

Reaper: Just maybe. She's a pretty interesting one.

Jacob: What? You have a crush on her?
Reaper: That's not what I mean. What I'm trying to say is that maybe you might want to know who this girl is.

I don't know exactly what the Reaper wants me to do. To know her? Why?
I still did what he told me. I found the girl in the train station. She was giving food to the beggars, assisting the people on the train. She is a very nice girl. Each day, I would go to the train station and watch her until finally I approached her.

Jacob: Hello, little girl.
Girl: Huh? Oh! You're the guy I bumped unto three days ago!

Jacob: You.. You still remember me?
Girl: Uh-huh! I'm used to remembering other people's faces. Weird huh?
Jacob: That's not weird.

If you think that's weird, then my ability is worse.

Girl: What d'ya want from me, mister?
Jacob: Nothing important. Just curious why you are always here in the train station.
Girl: Ow! You noticed? I'm actually waiting for my parents. My Granny told me that a month after I was born, my parents left. She said that they will come back to get me.
Jacob: Have you seen your parents? Maybe once?
Girl: Nuh-uh! Never met them. They must've been busy. But it's okay! I can wait for 'em.

I look up her life span. Four days left.

Jacob: Want me to help?
Girl: Huh?
Jacob: We're going to look for your parents.
Girl: Really? Mister? I'm so happy.

Tears filled her eyes. She hugged me after that.
Four days. Will I ever find her parents before she dies?
I offered her to walk her to her house. She thanked me and led the way.

Jacob: Little girl, we don't know each other's name yet. I'm Jacob and you are?
Girl: Angel! My name is Angel. My parents named me! They said that I am their angel. It's a pretty name, don't you think?
Jacob: Angel.. Yeah, that's a nice name.
Angel: You are a very nice person, Jacob. Would ye mind if you answer this question? Why are you helpin' me? It's not like I don't want yer help or anythin' but..

Why? I can't say it. I can't say that I'm trying to make you happy before you die. That's just absurd.

Jacob: Because.. You are a very good girl. I've seen you help many people. I just thought that I want to help you in return for all your good deeds.
Angel: Really? That's great! Hearing it from you feels good!

She told me that she can walk by herself from here and said that I should be going home.

Angel: Your parents might be worried about you.
Jacob: That's.. impossible now.
Angel: Huh?
Jacob: Nothing. Are you sure you can walk yourself here?
Angel: I'm used to it.
Jacob: Then, okay.

I met her at the train station after class. I said that I will do my best to gather some information about her parents. I tried my best to ask the people in the train station about Angel's parents. No one could help me.
Two days have passed and within those two days, I found out the real Angel.

Angel: Do you know why I keep remembering other people's faces?
Jacob: No. Why?
Angel: So I could recognize my parents when we will meet. I might have passed them by or seated beside them before.
Jacob: That's pretty clever.
Angel: Jacob? What is life for you?

I paused. What is this girl talking about?

Jacob: I.. I don't know..
Angel: Is it a burden? The people I helped at the train station kept telling themselves that they shouldn't have lived. If they were to live like that, they prefer to die.

Life. Is it really a burden?

Angel: I don't think it's a burden. I think it's a gift and that we should appreciate it because we might not know when will it be taken from us.

That's right. No one knows. No one except me.

Only two days left.

Jacob: Angel.. I'm.. sorry..

She frowned. She wanted to see them. I want to help but it was hopeless.

Angel: If only they took me and never left me with Granny...

That's right her grandma! She might be able to answer some questions.
I told Angel to bring me to her grandma.
It was already night when we arrived. At first, I can't believe it was their house. It was like one of the houses in magazines. I don't think Angel's parents needed to find more money.
An old woman opened the door for us. Two years more, that's what her life span tells. She will live longer than her granddaughter huh? She smiled at me.

Angel: This is Jacob, Granny! The friend that I've been talking about!
Granny: Oh! So he is Jacob?

I went inside. It was like I was in a castle.

Angel: He is here to ask you some questions, Granny. I wish that you could help him.

The old woman's smile faded away for a moment. Then, she smiled again.

Granny: I wish that I could help. Angel, could you please get our guest a glass of juice and some biscuits?
Angel: My pleasure!

When Angel went away, I started questioning her.

Jacob: Ma'am, I would like you to be honest with me. Are Angel's parents..?
Granny: They are actually dead.

I guessed about it but never expected that it would be true.

Jacob: Then why didn't you tell her?

She let out a sigh and said.

Granny: She was still a baby. Her parents met an accident that rainy day. They lost control of the wheels and crashed unto another car. They died after that. I was afraid to tell Angel. I never want that child to grow up so sad. I thought that maybe if..
Jacob: So you think lying to her would help?

I couldn't control myself. I looked at the her life span again. She will still live longer than Angel. How could she keep the truth from a child who is going to die?

Granny: Because.. I didn't want her to be so sad. I didn't want her to be similar with that boy.

Boy? What boy?

Granny: The other car..

She began weeping.

Granny: There was a boy with her parents in the other car. He survived the crash. I've learned that the boy was traumatized. He was silent and kept staring at people's heads. I was afraid that Angel would be like that.

I didn't know what I felt that time. I stood up just when Angel arrived. I said my goodbye and left. I hurried outside. It was raining.

Jacob: I left my bag. Well, never mind.

What that grandma said could be a joke. But how could it be so similar with my experience? The crash. It keeps running in my head. Repeating. The pain. My parent's death.
As I was pondering about these thoughts, the Reaper showed up.

Reaper: Woah! What do we have here? A soaking kitten?
Jacob: You.. You knew about this! About the connection between that girl and me.
Reaper: What are you talk-
Jacob: I know that you knew! You wanted me to hear the truth. You want me to know that Angel's parents caused my parents' death! You..! You really want me to suffer, right? Then you've just succeed. I am suffering now!
Reaper: Do you really think that was my motive? Look at you! Do you know why you are still alive?! You are supposed to be dead right now! But your parents protected you from my touch by hugging you so tightly.
Jacob: So what do you want to say? That I should kill myself now?
Reaper: That you should see the real meaning of living!

Silence. I don't know exactly what he is saying.

Reaper: Have you ever wondered why you can't see your own life span?

I've thought about it but I guessed it was because I am only able to see others' life span.

Reaper: You can't see it because you have none. You are not alive Jacob. You are not also dead. It's something hard to explain but you can actually say that you are immune from my touch. I've been through this before. A friend rescued me from an accident. I could also see others' life span. When I killed myself, I never thought of the consequence.

I was so confused. I couldn't understand a thing.

Reaper: When you die in your state again, you will become like me.
Jacob: You mean.. A reaper?

Before he could answer my question, he faded away.
A reaper. When I die again, I'll be a reaper. Is that what he meant?

I unconsciously went to the train station the day after. I just realized I was on the train station when a little girl tugged my shirt. I looked at the little girl who only has three hours left to live.

Angel: Why did you left Jacob? Aren't you going to help me? Are you going to quit? Please tell me you won't.

I looked at her. Then a sudden burst of hatred flowed in my veins pushing her away from me.

Angel: W-why.. Why did you do that?!
Jacob: P-please.. Stop.. Stop following me, okay?! Don't you ever come to me again! Never!

As I walked from her, I could hear people mumbling. But I could overhear Angel's little cry. I was already far when I halted. I thought about the horrible thing that I did to her. It was not her fault. It was not even her parents' fault. It was an accident.
Then I remembered what she said about life,

Angel: I don't think it's a burden. I think it's a gift and that we should appreciate it because we might not know when will it be taken from us.

I looked at my watch. She only got thirty minutes left, I estimated. I hurried to the train station. I wish she was there. I spotted her.
She sat on the bench looking at blank space.
Only ten seconds left..
As I approached her, she started walking.
I hurried to her.
While she was crossing the street, something fell from her pocket.
The next thing I know, a truck was heading on her way and the Reaper was beside her. I ran. Then darkness.

Pulse. I couldn't feel it. Light. I only see darkness. Noise. I hear silence.

Angel: Jacob! Jacob!
Jacob: Eh? Where am I?
Angel: Why did you..

She cried. What exactly happened?

Jacob: Are you alright.. now?
Angel: Uh-huh.
Jacob: That's good.

Then I noticed that everyone was staring at us. The Reaper was also there. He has that stare that I couldn't explain.

Reaper: You made a terrible mistake.

He looked at Angel then smiled.

Reaper: Or maybe not?

Then he faded.

People took Angel away from me as I laid my head on the ground. I can't feel anything. I closed my eyes again.

A week after..

Angel: Good morning Jacob!
Jacob: Morning Angel.
Angel: I'm still not used with this.
Jacob: You'll get used.
Angel: I hate numbers.

That was just it. I saved Angel's life. Just as what the reaper said, the consequence was this:

Reaper: ... When I killed myself, I never thought of the consequence.

I am still physically normal. But only Angel can see me. She couldn't understand it at first. I know how hard it would be for her.
As I looked at her, a smile appeared on her face.

Angel: I wish that lady had a wonderful life. Don't worry about me Jacob. I don't think knowing other people's life span is bad. We could at least make them happy before they die, right? Think of this as a chance to bring happiness to other's lives.

Life. Whenever I see Angel, I could see the brighter side of life.

Angel grabbed my shirt and looked at me.

Angel: Is it time already? Is she really going to die?
Jacob: You saw her life span.

She let me go and I faded away. In my mind, I kept pondering the things in my life. How I died with a living body and lived with a dead spirit. I could have lived my life to the fullest. I'm sadden to know that there are still people like me out there thinking that they have lived to die. Life is different from death. Life is to be lived.

I closed my eyes and I saw the next person with a dying life.


Life is a gift. Death is an unexpected tragedy. No one knows exactly how, when, where and why they have died. So before you complain about living life, think of how hard losing it without even enjoying it.

LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR
iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

. mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

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..And They Painted Together.. Chapter Two.!

Chapter Two:

In the end, he couldn’t do anything. They went outside.

“Let’s.. Let’s do our best, eh!” he nervously said to his co-artist.

Allie just looked at him and went away. Jerry was left alone in the corridor feeling stupid.


It was the first day of their work. Jerry and Allie went to the place where they needed to paint a mural. It was a wide wall.

“Now I know why we have to be excused from all our classes. This is a huge one!” Jerry thought. He stared at Allie for a moment.
“What was with her? I thought she would smile and say, ‘Yes, please take care of me’. It wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable if she did that,” he thought.

She turned her face to Jerry. He turned his away. “We better get the materials,” she said.

They went to the basement where the principal told them to get the paint, brushes and other materials they might need. Jerry took a can of paint and remembered something.


There was a special reason why Jerry fell for Allie. It was not because she was nice or beautiful or talented.

It began that late June. Jerry was entering his elementary years. He was scared and unprepared. Instead of going to school, he went to the park. He took out his crayons and papers. He drew a weird face. His drawings before were somewhat like abstract.

While he was drawing, his paper flew off. He searched for it and saw a lady looking at his drawing.

“What in the.. What a horrible drawing!”

Jerry backed away and was about to cry. Then, the little girl who was with the lady took the paper and smiled.

“No! I think it’s great,” she said.

After knowing that she was going to the same school, he was motivated to study. He even tried to improve his skills in drawing. They were not classmates but the thought of having a glimpse of her everyday was enough for him. She was very popular in their school ever since.

But when the third year of their high school was about to end, that girl started acting weird. She was smiling but when she was alone, she took out her sketch pad and sketched with loneliness.

That girl was Allie.


When they got the materials, Jerry asked Allie what to draw. She just took a brush and painted a girl sitting on a bench.

“Is she trying to work alone?”

Jerry just sat down looking at what his companion was doing. Then he noticed something strange.

“Uhmm.. Sorry to interrupt you, but why is the girl alone?” Jerry asked.
“What’s the problem with a lonely girl for our mural?” she bounced off the question.
“It’s just.. The.. You see, we are painting for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it supposed to be love and not loneliness?” Jerry said as he grabbed for a brush then painted a guy beside the girl.

When he finished drawing, Allie took a white paint and splashed it to the wall. There was nothing but whiteness after that. Jerry was pissed.

“Wh-Why did.. you do that?” he said trying to be patient with the girl’s cruel attitude.
“I don’t think you drew it nicely,” was what she replied.
“Who is this person I’m with? Is this really Allie? Or maybe this is a bad spirit?” he thought.

Jerry who was a fearful guy took out some grass and started dancing around Allie. Allie, who was aware about the guy’s weird actions, couldn’t concentrate painting.

“Hey! What.. are you doing?” she asked with an angry tone.
“Aha! I already know what you are! You.. bad spirit! G-go! Go away from this pretty girl!” Jerry was shaking as he was saying those words.

She just looked at him with eyes saying ‘Is this man serious?’. It was the end of their first day. The wall was all but white.


The second day was the same. Then the third and fourth and fifth. Whenever Allie painted something which is not about love, Jerry would try to redo it. After painting it, Allie would just splash it with white paint. It kept repeating. They argued. They painted but their ideas weren’t the same.

“This isn’t just working! We only have five days to paint this mural! Aren’t you getting tired of this?” Jerry said while trying to erase the white paint.

Allie was painting a black raven with a skeleton holding a wilted rose.

“There she goes again!” Jerry thought.

He took her brush from her and said, “Tell me something. Do you know exactly what love is? Love is not supposed to be about dead bodies or lonely girl or a black raven!”

He took the white paint and as he was going to erase her work, she pushed the can of paint to Jerry face. His face was really white. She giggled. He was just standing there, looking pissed. She took the brush from Jerry’s hand and painted his face with a moustache. She laughed. Instead of being annoyed, Jerry smiled. Then he laughed too.

Allie, still hardly breathing said, “We better get more white paint,” then she smiled.
“There’s none left. I guess we need to buy some in the store,” Jerry replied.
Then Allie laughed again. “Aren’t you.. Going to clean your face first?” was all she said. Jerry was happy to see Allie’s smiling face again.


They went to the store. When they were about to leave, the rain started to pour. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring any umbrella.

“Wait here! I’ll bring an umbrella. I know a friend somewhere near here,” Jerry said as he ran off before Allie could stop him.

She smiled and looked around. It was raining hard.

“I hope he’ll be fine,” she thought.

Then she stopped. She saw a familiar face that made her frown. A guy was hugging a girl on the corner of the street. Allie knew the guy.


When Jerry arrived on the store, he couldn’t find Allie. He only found the cans of paint. He looked around. There she was, just on the corner of the street. When he was about to go there, she saw Allie slapped the guy. Then she ran away. Jerry followed her.

“Allie! Wait! Hey, can’t you slow down?!” Jerry shouted but it seemed that Allie didn’t notice him.

She stopped in the park. She fell down on her knees and started crying. As rain fell, Jerry saw the crying face of Allie. They were in the same park where Jerry has fallen in love with the girl he was with that time. He walked to her. She shrugged when she noticed he was coming near.

“I don’t know who that guy is and what he did to you,” he said. “What I know,” he continued, “is that he must be a bastard for making you cry!”

He waited for her response.

Then he talked again, “Stop thinking about what happened. He’s just an idiot who-”

Before he could finish, she stood.

“Stop..” she whispered.
“What?” Jerry asked.
“Stop talking like you know him!” she yelled and walked away.

Jerry was left in the pouring rain, unable to follow Allie.

What was wrong? Who is that guy anyway? Why was she acting strange when she saw that guy? All these questions pondered in Jerry’s mind. Find out the answers in the next chapter!

Spoiler: You will finally know why Allie gives the cold shoulder towards guys.

LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR

iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?