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... And They Painted Together .. Chapter Five!

Chapter Five:

"Hey! Jerry!" Ray was standing at their classroom's door when he approached Jerry. Jerry stopped, looking at his friend who was obviously acting differently.
"What's wrong? Something happened?" Jerry asked.

Ray looked at Jerry and looked away.

"Tell me. Is your right arm fine?" Ray took Jerry's hand and as he did, Jerry showed a painful expression.
"It's.. It's fine." Jerry lied.
"Then lift it up if it doesn't hurt," Ray challenged him.
"Why do I have to prove to you that I'm alright?" Jerry said, quite annoyed.

Ray turned away and remembered what Allie told him.


From a while ago..

"I'm.. Sorry.. I.. I didn't.." Allie looked at Ray.
"Tell him.. to lift his hands and.. if he can't, take him to the nearest.. hospital," Allie continued.
"Huh?! Why? This is not.." Ray was interrupted when Allie stood up and looked at him with fearful eyes.
"He.. might not able.. to paint again," Allie said looking at the direction where Jerry was sleeping.
"You.. You mean.." Ray stuttered.
"I'm sorry. I'm not mad at him. I'm mad at myself. I.." Allie took a deep breath and tears fell from her eyes.
"I.. I'll take care of him. Don't worry," Ray promised.

Ray was more puzzled than ever. He watched Allie walked away. Then he looked at Jerry.


"Where are you taking me? Hey! Ray! What are doing?!" Jerry was trying to let himself loose.
"I'm just trying to keep a promise," Ray replied.
"What promise? I don't understand! Stop! Let me go!" Jerry finally broke free and as he did, he felt his hand showing pain in his face.
"It's painful, right? It's because you forced yourself. You were badly hurt and you still painted that mural.. For her! I know you're madly in love but can't you just take care of yourself also?"

Jerry looked at his friend and started talking.

"Do you know that.. Allie was the reason why I tried so hard to learn how to draw? I was never the art genius. I'm just simply a boy who did his best to impress the girl he likes," Jerry leaned on the wall, holding his right hand.
"It doesn't matter," Jerry continued, "if I'll lose my arm. Even if she doesn't like me, even if she likes another guy, even if she ignores all my efforts.. It doesn't matter. I love her.. That's all I know.. All.. I know.." Jerry fainted.

As he was about to fall to the ground, Ray caught him and saw Allie. Jerry was unaware that Allie was standing behind him. Ray was about to say something when she suddenly ran.

"Geez.. What is happening?"


"W-what..? Where am I? What happened?" Jerry finally woke up.

He looked at the clock. It was already 8 in the evening. He looked at his right arm which was covered with bandages. He tried to move it but it was painful.

Suddenly the door opened. Standing at the door was a familiar face.

"Is your right arm fine?" Allie asked.

Jerry was silent for a moment. She sat beside his bed and the atmosphere became awkward. Jerry was red while Allie was just staring at the floor.

"W-why.. You.." Jerry broke the silence.
"St-" Allie hesitated.
"Huh?" Jerry thought he heard her then out of nowhere Allie started crying.
"STUPID! Why do you have to overwork yourself?! You didn't have to do the mural anymore? Are you really that stupid? Now look at what happened! You even got hospitalized because of your arm! You're really an idiot!! Doing things that make others worry! Do you find it nice to hurt yourself? What if you can't use your right arm again? What will you do?!"

Allie was catching her breath. Jerry was just silent, surprised about the sudden lecture of his companion.

"S-sor-sorry.." Jerry whispered. He looked at Allie who was still crying at that time.
"D-don't worry! I'll be fine! It doesn't hurt anymore! See?" Jerry tried to lift up his arm and forced to smile.

Allie grabbed his arm and calmly said, "Please don't force yourself. I'm sorry for getting you into this trouble. And about last time, I didn't mean to beat you. I was just surprised that you went to his school and fought him.. And.. you even painted the mural.. I'm.. I'm really sorry"

She held his arm to her face and cried. Jerry could feel her wet face because of her tears. He lifted her face and looked at her in the eye.

"It's not your fault. Please.. D-don't cry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt that guy. It was just.. When I saw Allie crying because of him, I was so angry. Then you.. You got mad at me.. I.. I wanted to say sorry.. But.. All I could do was.. Paint the mural.. Then.. Apologize but.. Please don't cry anymore.. I.. I love Allie that's why I did those things.. I never want to see Allie cry.. I.. I.. I l-love.. you," Jerry was really red. He could feel his heart beating fast as he spoke those words. He confessed, at last.

Allie looked down and stood up.

"Can you do me a favor?"
"What is it?" Jerry asked her.


"Seriously! What is really happening between the two of them?" Ray, who felt so obliged of Jerry, was carrying some medicine to his room and kept asking himself about the mess his into.

As he opened the door, Ray heard Allie said this..

"Stop loving me."

Allie turned away from Jerry and saw Ray at the door. She went away leaving a more puzzled Ray still holding the tray of medicine. He looked at Jerry who was very silent that time.

"Was I.. Just now.. I was rejected, right?" Jerry said softly.

What will happen now? What is Allie thinking? Will Ray ever understand the situation between Allie and Jerry? What will Jerry do? Next chapter will be a new beginning of someone..!

Someone has decided to get over and forget. Who is it?

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iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

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.. Coming Soon.!

I can't believe I have written this much!
Well, anyway I would like to inform you about the coming stories that I plan to post here.!


~+ pRiSOnEr'S iLLusiOn
~+ rEMiNiscEnCe
~+ wHeN i'M wiTh yOu cHaPteR 2.! (aT LaSt.! Hihi)
~+ wHo iS mY FiaNcE? (uPdAtiNg aLrEady!)
~+ a LovE LeTteR.. 2.!! (wOoHoO.! sEqueL.!)

i cAn'T wAiT tO sHaRe tHeSe sToriEs.!
pLeaSe. pLeaSe. pLeAsE LoOk FoRwArd aBouT iT.!

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... And They Painted Together .. Chapter Four!

Chapter Four:

Two days. They only have two days to work and the wall was still white.
Jerry had still not recovered from his injuries while Allie..

"I quit," she said.
"W-why all of a sudden? Allie, you have to finish this mural," the principal asked, with a worried tone.

Allie looked at Jerry who was looking at her, too. Then, she looked away.

"I can't work with him any longer. I'm really sorry," Allie stood and walked out of the room.

The principal looked at Jerry who was really silent.

"What's wrong with the two of you?" the principal asked.

Jerry pretended to not hear the principal. His mind was blank. He couldn't think of anything.


The moment Jerry walked out of the principal's office. Three guys blocked him. They were the same guys who blocked Jerry the day he found out that he had to work with Allie for a mural.

"Remember us?" one of them said.

Jerry lifted his head. Normally, he would freeze and cowardly answer them. But that time was different. He was just silent. Not even a single fear appeared in his eyes.

"We don't care about the fact that you're injured or what-not," the biggest of them talked, "but I guess you still remember what we told you before."
The smallest continued, "The moment you make Allie cry, you're dead."

Jerry looked at them, still silent.

"Aren't you going to defend yourself?" the bigger said.
"I'd like to ask you something," Jerry started talking, "are you going to beat me because you're concerned about Allie? Because some guy, like me, hurt her? Is that the reason?"
"You bet!" the biggest replied.
"Then," Jerry continued, "I just did the same thing you're going to do with me. The same reason also."
"The hell do we care about you or anything!" the smallest punched Jerry that made him fell to the ground. They started beating him. Jerry couldn't defend himself.


In the clinic, Ray was assisting the nurse as they put bandages around Jerry's reopened wounds. When the nurse went away, Ray started talking.

"What kind of guy would go out there and let himself be beaten? Do you want to commit suicide?" Ray sat on the chair near Jerry, who was holding his bandaged head.
"I didn't want to be beaten up, for your information," Jerry replied.

Ray took an apple from a basket and tossed it into the air and then caught it.

"Hey! I was just wondering," Ray said, trying to put out the words, "I don't want to judge you because I know that you are a good guy but.. Man! What were you thinking when you fought that guy? And the weirdest thing is, why was Allie crying when he heard what you did? By the look of her face, I know she wasn't worried about you."

Jerry took the apple from Ray's hand and bit it.

"Do you think what I did was crazy?" Jerry asked.
"It was insane! You're about to be expelled! And because of what you did, most of the male population in our school threaten your life. Good thing, your a close friend of mine or else I could have beaten you up, too. If I were in your position, I would run away," Ray exclaimed.
"You will?" Jerry paused.

He took another bite and smiled. There was a moment of silence

"I don't know how to say this," Jerry said, "but I need your help."
"What kind of help? If it involved about being beaten up, please count me out," Ray said, waving his hands in front of Jerry's face.
"It's not about violence," Jerry immediately replied, "it's about the mural."


"Wow, man! I don't know that you're crazy in love! You really want to do that? I mean, the project was already canceled and it's just you versus this white wall," Ray was helping Jerry as they carried the cans of paint and ladder.
"Don't care," Jerry said.

After they put the cans down, Ray tapped Jerry's shoulder and smiled.

"This is my first time seeing a guy like you," Ray took a brush, "and you taught me that it takes a lot of courage to prove one's love."
"And a lot of paint," Jerry joked.


"Hey! Jerry, it's getting dark! We better go home now," Ray said, wiping off the smudges of paint on his face.
"I have to finish this. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day," Jerry replied.
"But we've been working for this for hours. And look," Ray took Jerry's hand, "your hand is already exhausted and don't tell me that it's not painful."

Jerry took his hand away and started painting again. He stopped and looked at Ray. He smiled.

"Thanks for helping me. I couldn't have done this without you," Jerry thanked Ray.

Ray showed a smile then turned his back from Jerry.

"I need to go. My parents are going to be worried about me," Ray said, "and by the way, if Allie will not appreciate this, I could really say that she is cruel and insensitive even if I like her."

Ray went away and Jerry continued painting. He painted and painted until he felt his hand turned numb. He stopped and thought.

"You made me realize what love can show, a world I've never known. If I could paint that world, it would take me a lifetime to paint it. This mural is not even half of all the things you made me realize."

He didn't even notice that he had fallen asleep. Not until morning came.


While Ray was walking to school, he saw Allie. He took a deep breath and thought about Jerry. He erased in his mind the fact that he liked Allie also. The next thing he knew was he was already holding Allie's arm.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Allie was surprised and struggled.
"I don't know either. All I know is that I have to do this," Ray replied as he led Allie to the location where the mural was.

Allie was complaining and struggling but the moment she saw the mural, she fell silent. She just stood there, not knowing what to say. Ray was looking at her and let out a sigh.

"He did that not because he have to. He did that because he wanted you to realize something," Ray said.
"Why.. Why did.. What's wrong with him?! I don't understand!" Allie shouted. She fell on her knees and clenched her fists.
"What's wrong with him?! The question here is, what's wrong with you?" Ray took her arm and tried to lift her up.
"Why are you so blind? Can't you see? He did that for you! Even though he was in pain, even if he was unable to paint, even if it hurts to move his arms, he painted that! And now you ask 'what's wrong with him?'," Ray said, letting Allie's arm go. He scratched his head and continued, "I don't understand why Jerry has to undergo all this pain. He's a good guy and even if he's stupid, he doesn't deserve to be treated like this!"

Unexpectedly, Ray, who is a die-hard Allie admirer, is trying to make Allie realize how much Jerry loves her. What will Allie do? Is she going to reject Jerry because she still can't move on or is she going to open her heart again and love Jerry at last?

'Three words.. '
Find out what these three words are.!

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iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?