Friday, May 28, 2010

That Causes Wonder

It starts with a pause
A glitter in one’s eyes
Wonders around us
Take us to the best of our lives

But I rather see your smiling face
After looking through such sight
It won’t stay long, I know
But so is your delight

A smile from a stranger’s lips
A hi from a friend’s words
Small things will not matter now
But without them, big things also won’t

Take me to where you find happiness
‘Cause everyone else would go there soon
But I’d stay here now, beside yo
Like the earth’s revolving moon

I would want to take your hand
But I’d also want to keep it distant
I want to see you fly
And be there to catch you when you land

How much happiness, that I don’t know
As long as I’m happy, I won’t have to weigh or measure
‘Cause who would take the time to count
Once you find your greatest treasure?

Look further
Look closer
Everywhere is a mystery
Waiting to be discovered

Dream no matter
Reach out highe
Everyone is alone now
If he doesn’t wander

LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR
iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

A Fragment of Un-loneliness

If I was to commit one crime
This loneliness I tried to hide
I’d steal you away from them
And never return

If I was to commit one sin
I’d envy who you have been
Because you never felt alone
Deep inside it burns

But who am I to do those
To find a friend, no one knows
I wanted you to stay but you went
Well, I’m alone again

You understood me but not what I feel
I need you here but let your will
Go ‘cause that’s what you want
Oh when will this ever end?

You but a piece of paradise
At least I got to try
To actually feel un-lonely
Yet, when will it happen .. again?

LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR
iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?


Never knew it'd be useful
Never thought it'd save me
Never assumed it'd help
Never, but it did

'Cause the silence you caused?
It fades together with what I feel
'Cause the words you said to me?
They're unheard beyond what's real

The only thing I could hear
Not the lyrics from my playlist's songs
But the heart that once beat fast
Slowly recovering from what's wrong

Let the music consume this soul
Let the headphones save me from myself
Because you did not do a good job
Now, what I need is these headphones' help

No matter how loud you'd scream
No matter how long you'd stay
Turned the volume full
So I won't hear you say

At least the rhyming words
Make sense than yours
You could take them back now
Because I don't hear them anymore

LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR
iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

How Everything

Was breaking.
I was desperately searching for your presence
But all I found was an empty space trapped in four walls
A music I thought I'd never hear played
Took its reign once more as everything falls

To pieces.
This silence is making me feel you more than less
I'd think I heard your footsteps in those nights I lost
I could feel the warmth from the summer air
I want to know if you miss me at the moment because

I do.
The window is too wide and the door is still open.
Would I be here waiting in this room if I knew?
I can't hear any other sound 'cause all I want is to listen
Even in your silence I could feel the beating I do

Not know.
Because I forgot.
How it felt.
To be with you.

LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeR
iF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fixing It Out


Their voices were louder this time. Both were just shouting, not even listening to each other's words.

"Why can't you do it this time? You know, I'm sick and tired of this! We keep arguing about this and that. This can never work out. Maybe.."
"Maybe what? Divorce? You want to get divorced?" He made a giggle. "Sure! It would be my pleasure!"
"See? See? You even say those things! You want to have a separation! You bastard! I hate you!" She fell to her knees, crying. The silence was making the atmoshpere more tense. Then out of nowhere, they heard a sound.


"What was that?" He asked, trying to locate where the sound was coming from.


"A thief?" She shuddered, slowly pulling herself up. Then she remembered her 12-year old daughter. "Kelly?" Where's Kelly?! Oh my.. Kelly!" She ran out of the door followed by her husband.

Thud. They searched the house and failed to find their only daughter. The guy took the nearest weapon, a golf club, and tried to see what or who was making the sound. His wife was crying helplessly, worried about the kid.

"She must have.. she must have heard us. This is all your fault!" She glared at her husband, blaming the kid's disappearance to him.
"Why is it my fault?!" He shouted.
"If you just fixed the roof, we wouldn't be fighting right now! Kelly won't be missing! Oh my goodness! She must have heard about the divorce. She must have been so upset!"
"You brought the topic up! And I was so damn tired! You think it's easy fixing a friggin' roof?!" They started shouting again and stopped only when they noticed that the thudding stopped.

The door opened and when they saw who was at the door, the wife ran to hug her. The husband looked at his kid who was sweating and dirtied.

"Where in the world did you go?! We were so worried!" The wife exclamied. She noticed the kid's hands, bruised and wounded, the right hand still clutching a hammer.

The kid just smiled and said, "I fixed the roof. Now, you don't have to fight with dad."

The wife looked at her husband, sobbing. The adults were silenced by their daughter's action.

The golf club fell from the husband's hand together with his tears. He went to his wife and daughter and hugged them tightly. The three of them were silently crying.


LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeRiF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?



"If ever you need me, just call me. I'll be there to save you!"

This statement repeated in her head.

"I need you."

She touched her cellphone gently, unable to decide if she'd use it or not. She slowly pressed the keypads with the numbers she just had to dial so she'd be saved. Waited.

"Pick up the phone. Please."

Finally, someone took the phone call.

"Uhmm.. I.."
"Sorry, I can't hear you. I'm at a party. Wait. Jamie? Jamie, is that you?"
"Is everything all right? Jamie? Please answer. Jamie?"
"Of course, everything's all right! I just wanted to know where you are now. I was worried. Hahaha. Sorry. Did I disturb you?"
"No no. It's fine. Are you sure everything's all right?"
"Yeah! Why would I lie? I just got worried. That's all." She cracked a smile. Even though no one was there to see it, she needed to be assured. She needed to pretend to herself that whatever she was saying was indeed the truth.
"Uhm. Okay. I need to go back now. Please take care okay?"
The line was off. As the phone made that blip sound, tears fell from her eyes.
"No. I'm not fine. I.. I need you. I can't.. I.. Save me. Please." She wept.

Why? Why can't I be honest with her? I needed her. Why did I lie? Was it because she was enjoying herself and I would just disturb her? Was it because I was scared that I would just make her feel bad because I was hurting? But she told me to call her when I need her. She told me that she'd save me. Then..

She took her phone again and dialed the number. But before she could press the last two numbers, she cancelled it.

"It'll be fine." She took a deep breath and hugged her knees to keep herself warm.
The rain was pouring together with her tears.


LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeRiF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holding Hands

[ this is not a story that has a specific plot nor characters. this is simply a really short story that shows directly the importance of a certain thing. like now, the meaning of holding hands for me is being told in this story. xD enjoy ! ]


And they were drenched by the pouring water. The guy hugged the girl tightly, not sure what was happening.

"Can I.. tell you a secret?" the girl whispered.
"I'm going to die soon."

The raindrops seemed to be louder than ever for the guy.
"Don't say that," he said, uneasy about the girl's statement.
"Yeah. I shouldn't. Haha.. I was just kidding. I'm gonna live longer."

She pushed herself away from the tight embrace of her companion. She smiled. Her hair was wet. Even in that situation, she seemed to glow together with the moon and stars.

"I'll try to outlive you," she continued, "but I'll only try. So you won't have to lose me."
The guy was puzzled. He was scared of what she was saying. He was afraid that she.. she would go away.

They walked together. Their footsteps made a splashing sound as they hit the puddles created by the rain. Out of nowhere, the guy felt her hand upon his. She was holding it tightly. He couldn't take the situation anymore and faced the girl.

"Tell me," he said, "tell me what's happening. Tell me why you are being like this."

The girl just smiled.

"Please." He said with a low voice.

"I.." the girl started, "I hold the hands of people I trust when, I feel that I am about to lose them, when I feel that I need company but most of the time, I hold them when.. I'm scared. But.." she took a deep breath. "I know I should not be scared. Because it would only bother me. It would not help me if I let the fear rule over me. However, I can't do that alone. So I take some courage from other people.. by holding their hands."

The guy placed both of his hands to hers.
"I don't know how much courage I have.. But I'm willing to give them all to you."
She smiled.

"Thank you."


LitTLe . mAkE-BeLieVeR . sTorYtELLeRiF tHerE's sOmeThinG sToriEs TeLL, wHaT cOuLd iT bE?